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What our parents say

“There is an infectious magic about Riverside, I have never been anywhere like it. The creativity, support and happiness that fill the place flood back into our house when my son comes home every day! The staff are just brilliant and helped us through a rocky patch when our son became a big brother!

Riverside has also changed how we play with our son, giving us the confidence to let him work out what might be dangerous and what he can do about it – he has recently been helping his dad saw down trees and re-wire plugs. He is an incredibly active boy and sleeps so well after a day at Riverside, having been out whizzing around and always comes home happy and covered in mud.

I really don’t have enough words to praise the Riverside family. Thank you so much.”


"My little boy, just turned 4, has been at Riverside for just over 1 year and he loves it! His days at Riverside are full of fun and adventure and learning. He loves his friends, and his ladies, and Big Luke and Huntley. Roo has thrived in the outdoor learning environment offered at Riverside. Today his stories were full of digging in the allotment, finding worms - but being gentle! :) - jumping on the trampoline, and mud, lots and lots of mud. I can not rate Riverside and the staff highly enough. It is one in a million!”


"My little girl has just joined riverside and already loves to be there. I have never came across a nursery quite like it! Very special place."


"Amazing nursery, every day is an adventure and the staff are all lovely. We could not recommend riverside highly enough!!"


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