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5 Reasons Why Children Should Play With Fire

Aghast with the suggestion that children should spend time playing with fire? Here’s why it’s a good idea:

1. Children are naturally intrigued by fire, so enforced avoidance can lead to secret and highly dangerous experimentation so it’s much better that young children learn about fire and safety during supervised sessions where adults can demonstrate how a safe fire can be carefully set, lit and extinguished.
2. Children need first-hand experiences to know how to conduct themselves around fire. They also need to know that it can be seriously dangerous to life.
3. Fire is great for STEM learning (science, technology, engineering and maths); helping children to understand the life-preserving and other qualities of this natural element in terms of heat, light and cooking.
4. Children need risky play - it helps them to be self-confident, better at problem solving and keeping themselves safe.
5. And because: toasted marshmallows.
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