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7 Awesome Reasons Why Kids Need To Get Muddy

Read our blog on why muddy play is important!
1. It is FUN! Kids are at their happiest and most relaxed when they're enjoying self-directed free play and getting utterly filthy in the process.
2. Muddy play helps build a child's immune system. If kids are not exposed to dirt and germs they're going to get sick more often.
3. Young children need sensory play for brain development. Touching, feeling, smelling and building with mud is a wonderful thing for kids to do.
4. It's a natural, timeless pursuit which is both free to enjoy and connects us with nature.
5. Muddy art is a great way for children to express themselves creatively. The forest environment gives endless, magical possibilities.
6. It's so accessible! Children of all ages can play in mud. Two year olds can play happily, enjoying the sensory, creative experience, alongside a six year old, who might be busy constructing a village.
7. It can make kids even more clever. Serotonin released by the brain when engaging in muddy play improves cognitive function.
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