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If you’ve ever been to Riverside you’ll know that it’s a special outdoors nursery and has been, since opening, a pioneering setting in Scotland. We’ve always been the sharing sort and lately there have been some extra, exciting things happening here (warning: shameless brag coming up!)…

First of all, Luke, our manager, who has overcome many challenges to keep alive his Mum’s vision for Riverside following her sudden death just after the nursery opened, has flourished and become a leading expert in his field. He was invited to be an associate lecturer part-time on the University of Edinburgh’s BA Childhood Practice last year and has also been speaking nationally and internationally. The latest two keynotes he has given have been at the CALA Annual Conference in Inverness, speaking beside the Minister for Children and Young People - and most recently at the Network for Children’s Rights, an NGO in Athens. It is Luke’s expertise and credentials, coupled with Riverside’s reputation, that have allowed us to….

HOST OUR OWN Nature Pedagogy Convention! (*clapping excitedly)

On Saturday 29th September 2018, we welcomed early years delegates from Central Scotland, the Borders and the antipodes to our first ever training event here at Riverside.

Our guests enjoyed an inspirational day of training from Niki Buchan, Upstart Scotland and Cowgate Under 5s Centre. They enjoyed a delicious vegetarian (and mostly gluten and dairy free) lunch, a tour of the facilities and a glass or two of fizz to toast the success of the day.

We are proud to be sharing our approach and that of the people and organisations we admire and align with. We look forward to announcing new training events soon!

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